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Trump’s wavering over ex-KKK member poses a chilling threat

I am an Austrian refugee from the time of Hitler who has been a US citizen for more than 70 years. I have found some alarming rhetoric coming from Donald Trump that is apparently finding approval from large numbers of my fellow Americans. With Trump’s rather ambiguous response concerning his disavowal of the support of former Klansman David Duke, I have reached my breaking point ( “Trump wavers on disavowing ex-KKK member,” Page A2, Feb. 29).

We all know the opinions and actions the Ku Klux Klan stands for. Among the fellow Americans the KKK has sought out for its venom are American Jews. Trump’s failure to immediately repudiate Duke chilled my blood.

I can see myself needing to flee once more and perhaps return to my native country in Europe, where hateful rhetoric is now strictly forbidden and punishable by law.

Louise Mayerson