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Trump feeds beast of our worst impulses

Donald Trump is a buffoon, a blowhard, a demagogue, and a poor businessman. As a political candidate, he doesn’t have policies, he has opinions. He lacks deep understanding of the domestic and foreign issues that our nation faces. He’s wealthy because he made one very good decision: He picked the right parents. He is completely unfit to hold any political office, much less the presidency.

But Trump is not the issue. The issue is the beast. It is the thing that created him and that he now feeds.

The beast is not a person. It is a movement, a pathological ideology. It is hatred. It was born out the politics of anger, distrust, and hate. It’s fearful of the other, anyone not like “us.” It is where bad goes to worse, where racial hatred is promoted and where violence is the solution.

The beast is tapping into the dark recesses of humanity. It blames all problems on one group or another: “Let’s build a wall, and keep ‘them’ out.” “That group hates us so we must hate them back.”


This is a dark path. We’ve seen it before. It can only lead to destruction. Once released, the beast cannot be controlled. Just ask the people of Europe. Look at Dachau, Mauthausen, Treblinka, and Auschwitz. The mark of the beast can be seen in the numbers on the arms of its victims.

Trump and others like him have awoken the beast, and they feed it. Woe to us if we let it grow.

Ronald Czik