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Transgender advocates are right to make noise

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For the record, I was of the opinion that we should have all met the governor with unified silence, but in hindsight, I now see that I was wrong. Although I held a sign and did not boo or scream at the governor, I deeply believe that if this had not occurred, there would have been no news and no highlighting of this issue, and then no cover story or editorial from the Globe.

Parts of me cannot believe that the Globe is telling us to remain silent and continue to let the discrimination happen in both word and deed for an indeterminate amount of time. The Globe wants us to turn the other cheek and apparently trust the process. Is this how the Globe looks at history and how marginalized populations achieve change and assert their rights?

Our Constitution is about all the people, and our leaders must stand up to protect us all. History has shown us that if not, they will hear about it. Perhaps we need a message board like at the Boston Garden that starts flashing.... NOISE!!!!


Grace Anne Stevens