Scot Lehigh is wrong to say that Hillary Clinton “will tie [Donald Trump] in knots in the debates” (“Can Trump beat Clinton?”). The Republican primary debate stages have been littered with the political carcasses of better-spoken and more knowledgeable candidates than Trump.

Trump does not debate. He doesn’t respond to arguments with counterarguments. He changes the subject, or responds with irrelevant ad hominem personal attacks on one’s appearance, or brags insecurely about his physical endowments. He disregards the truth, secure in the knowledge that — so far, at least — he gets away with it. When opponents speak the truth, he shouts over them. He cannot be controlled by rules or a moderator.

Clinton should say all the above, and then announce the following: “I will not debate Donald Trump. I will not dignify him or demean myself by getting on the same stage with him. We have all seen the Republican debates. He seems to think the public wants a circus act in the White House. I think he’s wrong about the public, but I am not going to engage in that competition.”


Brian R. Merrick
West Barnstable