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Multipronged approach is the only way to address homelessness

Governor Baker should be commended for following through on his promise to address our crucial problem of homelessness (“Making homeless families’ lives more stable,” Editorial, May 21).

The administration’s plan to finance development of affordable housing and preserve existing affordable units couldn’t come at a better time, as Boston now has the fourth-highest number of people in homeless families of all cities in the United States.

The governor’s multifaceted approach demonstrates that this crisis must be addressed on several fronts in order to achieve real success and break the cycle of homelessness and poverty. A safe place to live is the foundation, but customized support services, including job training, education, health care, and child care, are also essential. Programs for children, from infants to teenagers, are especially imperative in order to prevent future homelessness.


At Brookview House, we’ve seen the difference that individualized programs make for both mothers and their children. In fact, this week we celebrate one of the children who came through Brookview as she graduates from Boston College. We’re certain her future will be bright.

Deborah Hughes
President and CEO
Brookview House