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Utilities should be on the hook for cost of leaks

Thanks to the Globe for taking on the issue of gas leaks again with the article “Missing gas leaks reports raise questions on utilities” (Page A1, June 4). Leaking methane is a dangerous problem for Boston and the entire state, where residents are coalescing to urge utilities to repair these ancient pipelines faster.

One part of the issue is that we are paying for this lost and unaccounted-for gas in our bills, while the utilities continue to find excuses about why they are at a loss to repair faster. There is currently a bill, sitting in the Legislature under “study” (essentially putting it in the dead zone), having been moved out of the Joint Committee on Transportation, Utilities and Energy. This bill would require the utility companies to take on the burden of paying for the leaked or lost gas, rather than the consumer who never gets to use it. Without having to pay for the dangerous gas emitted into our air, utilities may not feel enough incentive to make repairs or replacements.


Let’s hope that this bill will not get lost, and that the members of the Legislature will see the light and pass it. Let’s take the burden of paying twice off Massachusetts customers as we move to a renewable energy future.

Sara Driscoll
Boston Climate Action Network
Jamaica Plain