RE "SYSTEM eyes changes to exam school admissions" (Page A1, July 2): Why do we continue to ration education? It is not in limited supply, nor can it be wasted. If the number of students in Boston who want a rigorous classical education exceeds the number of seats available, why don't we create more room? Surely the Boston public school system knows the curriculum, standards, and techniques for a Latin School or Latin Academy. Why not create five, or 15, of these schools all over the city?

We behave as though an examination is a good measure for engagement in this kind of study. Instead of spending time and money preparing students for the test, why not prepare them for the academics? Why not admit any student who wants to invest the time and commitment to pursue a classical education? The city could provide coaching and tutoring to support students' success in learning, as opposed to their success in test-taking.


Joy Robinson-Lynch
Vineyard Haven