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Lawmakers must take next step, and plan for impacts of warming

RE YOUR editorial “Don’t let side issues derail crucial energy bill”: The Globe is correct in calling on Beacon Hill lawmakers to pass this important legislation. However, this is also an opportunity for legislators to address climate change, not only with aggressive greenhouse gas emission reduction requirements and more renewable energy, but also by requiring the preparation of a comprehensive plan to manage inevitable climate change impacts.

The impacts of climate change are well known to Bay Staters, with increased heat, stronger storms, and accelerated sea-level rise. Adapting to and planning for climate change is not throwing in the towel, but rather facing the realities of living and coping with its effects.


The Senate recognizes this, and passed adaptation legislation three times, but the House has failed to act. Thus, last week the Senate passed an energy bill calling on the Commonwealth to write a climate change adaptation plan.

Be it big seas and coastal erosion, more frequent and severe droughts and flooding, or just plain weird weather, it’s time for Massachusetts to plan for what was previously the unexpected and manage what is now the unavoidable by passing an energy bill that comprehensively addresses climate change.

Jack Clarke, director of public policy

Mass Audubon

Steve Long, director of government relations

Massachusetts chapter, The Nature Conservancy


The writers cochair the Mass Climate Change Adaptation Coalition.