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Forget Jill Stein — Democrats have been their own spoilers

I object to Yvonne Abraham’s column “Jill Stein hits a new low” (Metro, July 28), in which Abraham is scapegoating Stein as a likely election spoiler responsible for a Donald Trump victory in the wake of the troubling disarray on display this past week during the Democratic National Convention.

If the Democrats lose in November, it will be because the party is failing voters, the nation, and the world, not because of the Green Party, which is not even on the ballot in all 50 states. Our nation is divided, and fractured, in many ways and has been for decades. About half of eligible voters do not bother to vote at all.

In 2000, when the Supreme Court ruled against counting the contested Florida votes, we the people might have used our freedoms and peaceably assembled to demand vote counting. This failure, much more than Ralph Nader’s run, was responsible for the installation of George W. Bush.


Subsequently and sadly, the policies initiated under the Bush administration have been extended and made worse under the Obama administration. The Democrats have stepped up to wage and expand Bush’s wars; to commit extrajudicial murder by drone, complete with a presidential “kill list”; and to move toward modernizing nuclear arsenals. In the last eight years, we have seen immigrants deported in astronomical numbers and have failed to find solutions to the economic and racial divisions in our nation.

Smearing Stein by comparing her political voice to the racist hatred volubly expressed by Trump is a new low for Abraham and The Boston Globe.

Thea Paneth, Arlington