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    Consider the terrifying power of these weapons

    Regarding Attorney General Healey’s initiative to continue enforcing the assault rifle ban, I’m aware that this legislation is considered by some to be imprecise in its definition of what, exactly, constitutes an assault rifle. However, I believe the concerns recently cited by the secretary of public safety and others are characterized by logic chopping that only serves the gun lobby.

    I urge anyone who has an interest in this matter to Google search “Fast Mag Change AR-15.” This will lead to YouTube clips of a shooter reloading his AR-15 with oversized magazines in one second, without removing the gun from his shoulder. This is what’s at issue here — an anti-personnel weapon capable of delivering 60 rounds in less than a minute. This murderous capacity is what the gun lobby would have us ignore.

    State Senators Tarr and Humanson have initiated bills that would forbid the attorney general from putting forward rules or regulations that govern or limit the sale of such guns. Shouldn’t these gentlemen be turning their considerable talents to crafting legislation that will unambiguously keep these weapons of destruction out of the marketplace?


    My son was killed in a school shooting by a man using a semiautomatic rifle and 30-round magazines. Many lives were saved when one of the magazines failed to seat properly, causing the gun to jam. His equipment was cheap and he was too inexperienced to clear the malfunction. Imagine if he’d had a better gun and more time to practice.

    Greg Gibson