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Climate change threatens the economy, too

It was impossible to read about record-breaking heat (“Scientists call last month warmest on record, sound a warning,” A1, Aug. 17) and the deadly Louisiana floods (“As floodwaters recede, disbelief mixes with determination,” Nation, Aug. 18) without asking if we’re doing enough here in Massachusetts to address a pressing business issue: climate change.

Climate change as a business issue? Absolutely. In June, the Globe covered a new UMass report showing that the impacts of climate change on Boston are likely to be worse than previously predicted. One of the report’s co-authors called Boston a “bullseye for more sea level change.” And we need only think back to the brutal winter of 2015 to know that extreme weather can cripple our state. Rising sea levels, extreme weather, and other natural disasters brought on by climate change may well mean severe damage to communications and transportation infrastructure and to commercial property, grinding businesses and the economy to a halt.


These are urgent calls to all of us — including those of us in the business community — to prioritize issues of climate change in the Commonwealth.

Jesse R. Mermell
The Alliance for Business Leadership