Teacher of English learners presides over a class on edge

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As an educator of English-language learners, many of whom are undocumented, it felt almost absurd to go to school the morning of Nov. 9 as if it were just another day. Line graphs and polynomials felt so insignificant in the face of the hatred and bigotry that has enveloped our country.

We have elected a man who makes my high school students feel less than human. These bright, funny, resilient kids, who, in the midst of trauma and unimaginable adversity, manage to bring their light and love into our classrooms every day, are perceived as nothing more than a threat that needs to be removed, as "bad hombres" and poisoned Skittles that stain the American fabric that I see as so vibrant and full of life.

Although Trump may have won this election, it's comforting to know that millions across the country woke up equally shocked by its results. I will continue to fight the good fight, and to protect, empower, and affirm the dignity and worth of not only my students, who fear for their lives, but all other Americans who feel persecuted and "othered" by Trump's rhetoric and actions. Hillary Clinton's campaign message did not go unheard — love will trump hate in the end.


Alexandra Georgiadis