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    Exploitation of women should be a deal-breaker when Democrats consider Labor pick

    RE “WOMEN attack nominee to lead Labor” (Page A1, Dec. 10): I am pleased that Democrats expressed concerns about Andrew Puzder’s opposition to increasing the minimum wage and his support for replacing workers with machines. However, I was deeply disappointed to learn that “Democratic politicians steered clear of the discussion of Puzder’s marketing tactics.”

    Puzder, Donald Trump’s nominee for labor secretary, has promoted his fast-food restaurants by exploiting nearly naked women in video advertisements, many of which have been described as pornographic. Democratic politicians should join women’s organizations in voicing disgust at Puzder’s business practices and at the acceptance of exploitation that would occur if he were to become labor secretary.

    I often remember how, in 1995, Aaron Feuerstein, CEO of Malden Mills, continued to pay 3,000 employees while rebuilding his factory after a devastating fire. Not only did Feuerstein’s employees benefit from his generosity, but the entire community beamed as we observed a local business owner acting with integrity and setting an example for others.


    In contrast, Puzder’s practice of exploiting female models for profit hurts all women. Standing up against this nominee for his disrespect toward half the population would hardly be pandering to a special interest; I expect our Democratic delegation to be leading the charge.

    Amy Halzel Willis