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Trump’s clash with CNN reporter portends a rough time for press freedom

When a CNN reporter, Jim Acosta, raised his hand to defend his news outlet from President-elect Trump’s attack against it, Trump said, “You are fake news,” and would not call on him. It was frightening to witness Trump’s contempt for the press or anyone who criticizes his fragile ego.

What was also disturbing was how the other members of the Fourth Estate then scrambled to get their questions in, as if something monumental about democracy and the press had not just taken place.

They needed to support Acosta by getting called on and then saying, “Mr. President-elect, would you please call on and respond to Mr. Acosta?” Every reporter there should have continued to do the same until something dramatic happened. Trump, like a schoolchild, might have taken his bat and gone home.

This portends that the only real news for the next four years will be Trump’s version of any event.


Paul Silin Levenson