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A way forward for Trump was charted on Inauguration Day in the words of clergy

Before President Trump took the dais in front of the Capitol on Inauguration Day, several members of the clergy delivered prayers. Archbishop Timothy Michael Dolan said that God has charged us “to render judgment with integrity of heart.” The Rev. Dr. Samuel Rodriguez read from the Gospel of Matthew: “God blesses those who are humble, . . . those who hunger and thirst for justice, . . . those who are merciful.” Pastor Paula White prayed to God, that he might “reveal unto our president . . . the compassion to yield to our better angels.”

The prayers were followed by a rendition of “America the Beautiful,” written by Massachusetts’ own Katharine Lee Bates: “America! America!/God mend thine ev’ry flaw/Confirm thy soul in self control,/Thy liberty in law.”

I was listening. We can only pray that Trump was too.

Sigmund J. Roos