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    Single-payer insurance is the best way forward

    Jeff Jacoby’s concern for employers unable to stretch their entrepreneurial wings because of the ACA employer mandate is interesting for what he leaves unsaid (“ACA’s burden on small business”). If that mandate were repealed, many workers would be unable to afford replacement insurance.

    The pain, suffering, and unnecessary deaths implicit in a large increase of uninsured Americans is hard to imagine. But there is a way to avoid that result while leveling the entrepreneurial playing field: universal, single-payer insurance. With this approach, public and private options would be available to provide care, and everyone could obtain care.

    Many countries have proved the efficacy of government insurance for everyone. It is less costly and produces good medical results. In addition, medical professionals and patients in single-payer countries report higher levels of satisfaction than in the United States.


    Promoting entrepreneurship, one of the strengths of the United States, does not require jeopardizing the health of millions of workers.

    John E. Hill


    The writer is a professor emeritus of politics and history at Curry College.