A reading list on climate change for EPA chief and columnist

The column by Jeff Jacoby regarding new EPA head Scott Pruitt and the role of human activity on global warming (“Climate science far from settled,” Opinion, March 14) is wrong on many levels. Jacoby and Pruitt claim the science is unclear. Apparently they haven’t spoken with actual scientists. They could read publications from the National Academy of Sciences, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, or the recent open letter from hundreds of scientists published in Scientific American.

There is no doubt that the burning of fossil fuels has caused significant changes in earth’s atmosphere and the resulting changes in climate pose risks to animal and plant life in the oceans, spread of diseases, food production, political stability, and much more. The only uncertainties are the specifics of when and exactly how these impacts will occur — they are already taking place and will only get worse.

If you were driving a car and knew that the brakes were going to fail soon, would it make a difference to you if you didn’t know exactly when they’d break beyond repair? No. You would stop driving and get them fixed.

Joseph Silverman


Correction: Due to an editing error, a previous version of this letter misidentified the author as Jamie Hook.