Who to believe on climate change? Scientists or fossil fuel industry?

So what should we do about climate change?

In “Climate science far from settled” (Opinion, March 14), Jeff Jacoby says EPA director Scott Pruitt (who has cozy ties to the fossil fuel industry and sued the EPA 14 times while attorney general of Oklahoma) has the answer, or rather, doesn’t — Pruitt says “we need to continue the debate and continue the review and the analysis.”

Or should we believe those “climate alarmists,” as Jacoby calls them, who are also known as the vast majority of climate scientists worldwide and have been warning about climate change for decades?

The Obama administration’s efforts to address climate change were modest, considering its potential disruptions. Raising fuel standards, increasing energy efficiency, and developing alternative energy sources seem like sensible measures in any case. If, as Jacoby says, reducing carbon emissions is irresponsible, what do we do instead? Just sit on our hands and wait to see who’s right?

Andrea Golden