Trump voters should find creative ways to help pay for border wall

Your editorial about President Trump’s border wall (“Mexico’s not paying for the wall. Are we?” Opinion, March 17) suggested that Donald Trump use his own money to pay for it rather than having taxpayers foot the bill, since Mexico is not paying for it. I agree, and would suggest additional measures. Just as public radio listeners now support public radio through their donations, and bake sales and other fund-raisers are held to pay for public schools’ books and other educational materials, how about having those who voted for Trump and the wall donate their own money? They can hold fund-raisers to help pay for it. Perhaps they might also utilize crowdfunding websites to raise some of the money.

This might allow for limiting the hardship created by Trump’s proposed budget cuts, especially in rural areas that helped elect him. Since the president has promised that Mexico will eventually pay for the wall, when the United States receives this payment, Trump voters could be reimbursed for their contributions through tax credits. Since they have so much trust in Trump’s promises, I’m sure they would consider this to be a low-risk option.

Mike Banks and Kathleen Murphy

North Attleborough