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Your donated heirloom can mean everything to a family you’ll never meet

Beth Teitell’s article “The great heirloom dodge” rings true for many of our donors. I hope more people find out about Project Home Again and other organizations like ours, who redistribute furniture and household goods to families in need, free of charge. Imagine the joy on the face of a family of refugees who left their country with only the clothes on their backs when they are able to come to us and pick out a dining room set, couch, curtains, bedroom sets, linens, dishes, and decorative items to turn their new house into a home. Or consider the survivor of domestic abuse who is dealing with the swirling emotions surrounding her situation, and she chooses to take home donated china because it reminds her of her grandmother’s set.

Every day we see no-longer-wanted furniture and household goods give families a fresh start and a chance to live with the comfort and dignity they deserve. It is much easier to say goodbye to old things when you know they are going to bring great joy into someone else’s life.

Nancy Kanell
President and founder
Project Home Again