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‘My family needs me’: Janitor facing deportation makes an appeal from jail

Francisco Rodriguez Rose Lincoln

My name is Francisco Rodriguez. I have never been arrested for a crime in my life. But today I am in jail in Boston, wearing a prison uniform and in this terrible place away from my wife and my children (“MIT janitor facing deportation gets brief reprieve from judge,” Metro, July 15).

My wife is pregnant, and now I do not know where I will be when our baby is born. She and the baby are now in more danger because of the stress that Immigration and Customs Enforcement has made for us. My mother is also sick. My daughters are not sleeping. They cry all the time and do not understand why I can’t be with them. I worry so much for them.

I was told that if I did what ICE said, I would not have to be in jail. I believed them. I came when they told me and did what they said, but they took me. I do not understand why I am here.


I believe in this country. I believe in what people can do here. I believe in God and have faith. I have permission to work in this country legally. I have paid my taxes to the government. My only mistake in my life was coming to this country the way I did. But it saved my life.

I appreciate all of the support from so many people. I have never had to ask anyone for help before. But it is so hard for me now, away from everyone in this place.

My family needs me now. Please help me if you can. Thank you.

Francisco Rodriguez

The writer is in the custody of ICE in the Suffolk County House of Correction, facing deportation. His lawer, Matt Cameron, assisted him with this letter.