Is there no escape from Paul LePage?

Great! Now I can’t even escape LePage’s idiocy by reading The Boston Globe (“In the bunker, with Gov. LePage,” Page A1, July 14).

LePage wasn’t “easily” reelected, but won 48 percent of the vote, the rest split between Democrat Mike Michaud (43 percent) and former Democrat-turned-spoiler Eliot Cutler, who got 8 percent. Cutler played the same game in 2010, allowing LePage to get elected in the first place with just 38 percent of the vote. This go-round LePage had the Trump effect on his side — the two have a lot in common.

And as a third-generation newspaper editor, who was in the business 33 years, I can tell you that his admiration of reporters from the 1950s and 1960s is based on what many of his statements are based on — absolutely nothing aside from his imagination and lack of information. And he is wrong, as usual.


Don’t even get me started on his assertion that 93 percent of the state’s drug arrests are people of color.

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It’s easy for you big-city folks to find him so amusing, basically turning the horror that is LePage into a cute golf story — but many of us in Maine consider him an embarrassment and an obstacle to the kind of good, civil government we’re known for.

Maureen Milliken

South Portland, Me.