Citizens United swings door open to foreign intervention

Evan McMullin’s “Foreign collusion: still bad” (Ideas, July 30) presents some frightening hypothetical examples of how our system of government could be compromised by foreign interference targeting democratic institutions. In my opinion, nothing has done more to further this outcome than our very own Supreme Court.

The Citizens United ruling has made it possible for corporations and pseudo-charitable organizations to set up super PACs that pour millions of dollars into influencing our elections and ultimately playing a major role in selecting our elected officials. As a result, it seems perfectly legal for, say, a Chinese businessman or any foreign national to buy a US corporation and then turn around and use corporate money to fund a super PAC for his or her own nefarious purpose.

Only Congress can change this dangerous situation, but since super PACs tend to support incumbents rather than their opponents, we seem to be victims of a catch-22. Those who can change the dysfunctional status quo have no incentive to do so as long as it benefits them.


Under these circumstances, I fear for the future of my country.

Nancy Melia