Amazon ambitions should alert us to our region’s own pressing needs

Boston needs infrastructure overhaul before even thinking about Amazon

Mayor Walsh believes that Boston could “absolutely” handle an Amazon headquarters. Apparently I work in a different Boston.

Do not get me wrong. The Boston area is terrific — access to mountains, water, great restaurants, top universities, a reasonable amount of quality arts, tremendous sports franchises, all in a generally safe environment. However, the investment in infrastructure is woefully behind the growth. Roads are greatly overextended, and mass transit is a joke. Issues with the aged MBTA are well known. The gap between commuter rail needs and the system’s quality has skyrocketed in the past decade. It is a rare day without multiple delays. The schedule has been cut back, not enhanced.

Just getting to a train at South Station is frustrating. Try making your way through the overbuilt and crowded station (compounded by delayed trains), and should you have even a minor disability, be prepared to make your way to most trains through major holes and pits in the platforms.


A quality commute “absolutely” needs addressing.

BJ Fitzgibbon


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How can you possibly encourage Amazon to open a huge office in Boston? Even if their employees can afford one of the many condos being raised, how could they get to work?

This city’s infrastructure is a mess (been on the T lately?), traffic for people avoiding mass transit is a joke, and there appears to be no thought at all about getting people to and from those new buildings already on the waterfront.

Surely we need a plan in place before complicating the situation.

Greg Pitts


Mass. should target gateway cities for site of Amazon headquarters

Boston should not pursue the new Amazon headquarters, and the state should not support or help that effort in any way (“City to seek Amazon’s new center,” Page A1, Sept. 8).


Instead, Governor Baker should look to Lowell, Worcester, or Springfield. All three cities have the space and nearby world-class private and public universities. Choosing any one of the three would provide a huge regional boost. New Hampshire, Connecticut, or Rhode Island would benefit and could help with some infrastructure costs.

Don’t clog the Seaport any more. Build a high-speed rail connection in the center of the Mass. Pike, Route 3, or Interstate 91, and you’ve got access to the world. Affordable housing exists in and around all three cities. The impact would transform any of these cities and their surrounding regions. It would also be great public relations for Amazon.

Show a little imagination.

Matt Kenslea