Even before security breach, Equifax induced headaches

Re “Headaches follow theft at Equifax” (Business, Sept. 11): I want to share my experience with Equifax. In February 2005, I requested and received my credit report from Equifax, which arrived with several serious mistakes in it. I called Equifax and asked them to correct the mistakes. To make a very long story short, after a year of effort, the mistakes were never corrected (I have a thick file of correspondence and phone calls about this).

My path for redress led from Equifax to the Massachusetts consumer affairs office, which told me to contact the state Division of Banks, which handed me off to the Georgia banking division, which told me to contact the Georgia Governor’s Office of Consumer Affairs, which told me to contact the Federal Trade Commission.

I was, and still am, furious about this. How dare these credit bureaus play fast and loose with people’s personal and financial information? Are these credit bureaus not answerable to anybody?

Carole-Jean Smith