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    A simple solution for the Minuteman path

    There is a simple solution to the so-called problem of bicyclists on the Minuteman Bike Path not stopping when crossing streets in Arlington and other towns along the way. It is to require motor vehicles to stop at the intersection as well — there is only a 2-way stop now at the Lake Street crossing, and at many of the other crossings along the path. Why is it that bicyclists, weighing less than 200 pounds and going no more that 15 mph, are required to stop while cars and trucks weighing thousands of pounds and going 30 mph are not? I know how Karen Cady-Pereira feels, since I do not own a car and only take my bicycle or public transportation. Our public ways have been dominated by heavy CO2-spewing steel cages for many decades. More and more people are taking to bicycling because they recognize it is a better transportation solution, with many advantages over being stuck in traffic while burning fossil fuels. The growth in riders will accelerate, particularly as the use of electric bicycles is taken up. Cambridge is showing the way to making it safe to bicycle; it is time for towns like Arlington to follow.

    Alan Wright