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    Trying to wrap our heads around market forces

    Beth Teitell’s story on the new $1 million home generated more than 230 comments online. The following is an edited sample:

    I thought of Amazon right away. As in: Lol, and we want to lure Amazon here? (Pollepel) . . .

    $100,000 [salary] doesn’t go that far when you’re paying $1 million for your condo. This feels like 2008 and the market needs a huge correction. (Knitter67) . . .

    People have been calling this a bubble for years. I guess if you say it long enough you can claim to be right when there’s an inevitable dip in the market. The broken clock theory. (icpshootyz) . . .


    As a former resident of Greater Boston, this Central Mass. resident could not stop laughing at the pics of million dollar homes. And it is not funny. (Lucyrose10) . . .

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    At the end of the day, supply and demand, I get it, but personally I would rather live somewhere with a longer commute than in a hovel for a million dollars. (MsCharleys) . . .

    I could not imagine ever having enough money to buy a condo that costs over $1 million. However, if I did have the money, I wouldn’t spend it on a home with no outside space, little privacy, and no parking. I guess it’s a good thing that all I can afford is my raised ranch. After seeing some of these prices and what the buyer would get for the money, I’ll be quite happy to keep on mowing my lawn and shoveling my long driveway. (NANDOROCK)