A new Boston Tea Party would ‘dump’ fossil fuels

RE “Boston must lead on clean energy” (Editorial, Oct. 8): At the famous assembly at Old South Meeting House directly before the Boston Tea Party, Samuel Adams said, “This meeting can do nothing further to save the country.” According to some accounts, that was the signal for his coconspirators to go to the harbor and dump the hated tea.

When it comes to climate change, we have reached that point. It is long past time to dump fossil fuels, and the “taxation without representation” that they are inflicting on the planet. If the city of Boston can increase its clean-energy supply by a mere seven percentage points more per year than the state mandates, that’s a fairly mild “tea party.” I applaud the Globe for supporting the Boston City Council’s authorization of this clean-energy plan, but I hope Boston and other cities and towns consider going even further, and that citizens respond to the call. The goal for our society should be 100 percent clean energy, as soon as possible. We need an energy revolution to halt the tyranny of fossil fuels, and New England needs to once again lead the way.

Mary Memmott