‘Build-baby-build’ alone won’t solve housing issues

Dante Ramos misses the point by a mile in attacking Bernie Sanders and the candidates he supports as NIMBYs (“Sanders’ NIMBY revolution,” Opinion, Oct. 26). As anyone who knows about housing policy can explain, most initiatives aimed at expanding housing supply alone do little to help low- and middle-income families, especially over time.

Instead of parroting the “build-baby-build” position of the real estate industry, Ramos should take a close look at cities that have planned for smart growth and permanently affordable housing – like Burlington, Vt. As mayor of Burlington, Sanders created a policy of expanding permanently affordable housing that to this day anchors thousands of low-income city residents and middle-income homeowners. This includes housing cooperatives, nonprofit-owned rental housing, high-quality public housing, and homeownership through community land trusts. We need more candidates for local office who understand that just building more doesn’t always mean better.

Chuck Collins

Jamaica Plain