Pruitt’s false claims about wind and solar

Your article “New England’s unlikely ally on wind energy? Red states” (Business, Oct. 26) cited US EPA administrator Scott Pruitt arguing “the federal government should stop giving wind and solar energy industries a boost and put them on a level playing field with resources such as coal and natural gas.” What the article fails to point out is that oil, gas, coal, nuclear, and corn ethanol have all received vastly larger subsidies over the years than we’ve given to solar and wind, in which we’ve only made serious investment very recently and barely sufficient given the scale of global warming’s threat.

To this day, the oil and gas industry, long established and the most profitable industry on the planet, still gets the largest tax breaks of any energy source — billions a year, according to the Energy Information Administration. Even as they accelerate local pollution and the climate crisis, fossil fuels like coal also get billions in tax breaks and discounted leasing and royalty rates.

If Scott Pruitt truly wanted a level playing field, he’d also support ending oil, gas, coal, nuclear, and corn ethanol subsidies, but he doesn’t. Pruitt just wants to kill clean energy. Your reporting should call out his two-faced fraud.

Miles Grant