Tuesday’s tally is a ‘nay’ vote for Trump. Will he pivot?


In Tuesday’s election, the voters have spoken with a loud, clear, and resolute voice to say, “We reject the politics of President Trump.”

Of course, Trump, in his customary style, will reject and distort the true meaning of the election results. Trump will say that those Republicans who lost did so not because they aligned with him, but because they did not align with him closely enough (“Democrats win races for governor in Virginia, New Jersey,” Page A11, Nov. 8). The American people know better. The president’s constant campaign of misinformation and, to use his own words, “fake news,” has turned off many citizens. He cannot simply say that black is white and night is day and expect that we will believe it.


Mr. President, your term is careering toward a failure largely of your own making. It’s not too late for you to remake your image. The American people are forgiving and have a very short attention span. Do you accept the challenge? Do you accept the need to change? More important, do you have the will and the capability to change? We, and indeed the world, are watching to see how you respond.

Ken Derow

Swarthmore, Pa.