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    Even after a few wins, Democrats still don’t seem to get it

    The recent elections of Democrats in Virginia and New Jersey are positive signs, but only for the most naive party members. A year after the Trump election, Democrats are no closer to understanding what is truly important to voters than they were on that day of reckoning. The Clinton campaign’s primary strategy was akin to “Vote for me, I’m better than him.” Do the recent results in Virginia and New Jersey, while successful, go beyond the “We’re better than him” strategy?

    Democratic congressional leaders gloat while the Republican leadership continually trips over their own feet. That is not leadership. As a Democratic voter, I would support real tax reform, especially that which provides real relief to the middle class. I also understand that Obamacare is incredibly flawed legislation and every Democrat in Congress should support fixing it. Health care in this country is broken, both in cost and in delivering consistent quality. Beyond just Democrats, most rational voters would also support a thoughtful approach to immigration.

    With the upcoming midterm elections, and the possibility of Democrats regaining control of the House, I have no reason to believe it will make any difference.


    I don’t want Democratic candidates who will spend their campaigns trying to paint their Republican opponents with the broad brush of being Trump acolytes. I, and I suspect many other Democratic voters, want candidates who will put forth positive, well-reasoned ideas that are important to most voters.

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    Sam Rayburn used to say, “Any jackass can kick down a barn door; it takes a carpenter to build one.” Until the Democratic Party starts running carpenters instead of jackasses, what will really change?

    John J. Clifford