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    With MCAS, we’re preparing kids for the test, but not for life

    Re “Explaining MCAS results puts schools to the test” (Page A1, Nov. 11): The notion that we need yet another iteration of the MCAS with “more questions to gauge whether students at each grade level are on track to be ready for college and the workplace” is dangerous nonsense.

    Any school that exists primarily to prepare children for more school, or for the workplace, is a dull place indeed. We may as well skip schooling and just put kids to work as soon as they’ve stopped crawling and learned to walk.

    Of course our children need to learn to read and write and to do math. But they deserve more than this. Let us give them schools where they can learn about the world and their place in it, where they can learn to think deeply and imaginatively, and where their best talents are nurtured and cultivated. Otherwise they may be prepared for the test, but not for life.

    Neil M. Kulick

    Newton Centre

    The writer is a public school teacher in Westwood.