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    Schools should not balk at chance to offer guidance on testicular cancer

    I commend the Nov. 11 editorial about Daniel Flores, the Red Sox prospect who died of complications from cancer treatment (“An awkward talk that can save lives”); however, I am fearful it will fall on deaf ears. I am a retired board-certified urologist, having practiced in the Lynn and Salem communities for 35 years. Testicular cancer is a disease that virtually no young man should die from, and they all theoretically can be diagnosed early and treated.

    At various times in my career, I tried to reach out to neighboring high schools to offer my services to teach self-examination. There are models for the students to learn what a testicular lump feels like.

    Unfortunately, most of the high schools were not interested. I did do a few classes, and naturally, as stated in the editorial, there was embarrassment and humor. However, this is a curable disease, and it should be an integral part of health teaching for young men.

    Dr. David H. Kauder