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Trump poses a clear and immediate danger to the world

The recent launch of an intercontinental ballistic missile by North Korea, and President Trump’s response, has me truly frightened. Trump represents a clear and immediate danger to our country and the world. He thrives on conflict, and the ultimate form of conflict? War. If he can’t ignite a war, would he trigger widespread US racial and ethnic conflict?

As the son of a World War II hero, and a retired veteran myself, I have a desperate need to make my personal call for prompt action to safeguard our way of life. My letters to leaders in Washington have fallen on deaf ears. I despair at the interest of the Congress and Cabinet to counter Trump. The media are our only hope to publicize the need for immediate action.


The Constitution never envisioned a malicious, reckless, and hateful president and, simultaneously, an irresponsible and unresponsive Congress. Impeachment and the 25th Amendment are meaningless with Congress bent on self-preservation and retention of power.

That leaves only the media to illuminate the reality of our peril, and citizens to demand corrective action. A government of, by, and for the people must be restored. Citizens must demand a return to truthful, honorable, reasoned, and decent leadership and governance.

Robert M. Skladany