We’re all culpable in this, and we should push to change immigration laws

Re “Rules shifted abruptly, and fear rushed in”: Illegal immigrants are not the only ones who bear responsibility for being in the United States and putting themselves and their families in harm’s way, but they definitely bear some. What is often left unsaid is that the US government, American businesses, and people like you and me are just as responsible for creating this fiasco, or just letting it happen.

We are a country of laws, and we must live according to our laws, or we descend into anarchy. So we have Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

But there is another solution. We have the ability to legally change our laws through our government.


We, as a people, have allowed an estimated 11 million immigrants to be here illegally. Citizens like you and me hire these people knowing that we are doing so outside of the law. Then, along with business and government, we all put our combined heads in the sand.

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These immigrants, for the most part, aren’t bad or evil people. They are really no worse or better than we citizens are. It’s just that we have allowed them to be here in a subservient role.

We have placed them in an untenable position, where there is nothing that they can reasonably do to elevate themselves into a place where they are not illegal immigrants.

We should stop illegal entry, and deport illegal immigrants who have committed serious crimes, but we must forcefully call on our elected officials to develop positive laws that will allow people here illegally to work their way to where they can become legal residents.

Paul LaBrie