Delighted that Trump is making good on promise to enforce immigration laws

The article “Rules shifted abruptly, and fear rushed in” (Page A1, Nov. 26) highlights some indisputable truths on illegal immigration. As it is with all crimes, the threat of enforcement causes great discomfort for the perps. During the campaign, Donald Trump promised to tighten enforcement of our immigration laws. To the delight of Americans who value the rule of law, Matt Viser’s extended report shows us that that promise is being kept.

The United States takes in more legal immigrants than any other nation on the planet. To wink at the illegal immigrants who have been allowed to assume that we have officially open borders, or that our already liberal immigration laws do not apply to them, is to dishonor not only real immigrants but also the rich tradition of joining the American family according to American rules.

Another glaring revelation in the story is that Mexican citizen Anayeli Cruz, one of the victims of borders who was interviewed, could only tell your reporter how tough her life is now in York, Pa., through a translator, after having been looking for a better life in the United States for about 12 years.


Many thanks to the Globe for confirming what most people already know about immigration: Enforcement works.

D.A. King


The Dustin Inman Society

Marietta, Ga.

The Dustin Inman Society is a nonprofit organization that advocates for enforcement of our immigration laws.