With anti-Muslim retweets, Trump stoops to new low

Re “Trump shares anti-Muslim videos online” (Page A1, Nov. 30): Given Donald Trump’s digital history since his inauguration, we’ve come to expect behavior in the form of early-morning tweets that, by the standards of any previous administration, Republican or Democratic, can be viewed only as notably unpresidential. Even so, I felt like I’d been slapped in the face when I read about his retweets of the three videos disseminated by a far-right British fringe group intent on inflaming anti-Muslim fear and hatred. And I’m Jewish. I can only imagine the pain and offense experienced by my American friends and colleagues who are Muslim, and who are forced to endure, repeatedly, this kind of stereotyping, hate-crime-inducing mistreatment at the hands of their own president.

It didn’t take long for British Prime Minister Theresa May to condemn the retweets and the group that first posted them, who, her office said, seek “to divide communities by their use of hateful narratives that peddle lies and stoke tensions.” By retweeting, Trump no doubt realized he was doing the same. The American people, regardless of faith or tradition, need to say that this is not who we are, and that Trump’s corrosive tweets, designed to drive wedges between us, disserve us all.

Michael Felsen

Jamaica Plain