Franken resigns, but unfinished business remains


Democrats take high road, GOP the low road, and we get nowhere

Regarding the calls for Al Franken’s resignation from Democrats ready to believe his conduct is anathema to the Senate, I must say they have illustrated their ability to fall for Republican trickery. Instead of calling for Franken’s ouster — the Minnesota senator announced his resignation Thursday — they should have called for Donald Trump to step down. Once again, they have formed their firing squad into a circle facing inward.

The Democrats hope to go higher when the opposition goes lower. The only problem is that when Alabamians elect Roy Moore to the Senate next week, he will be seated with little approbation by his colleagues. Once again the Democrats will have been taken in by the notion that they play by the same rules. Nothing could be further from the truth. The Republican Party will go on to lie and to win, while the Democrats look for the purity they will never find. And, as usual, the people will be the losers.

JoAnn Sorrento


Capitol could use real housecleaning


Once the righteous members of Congress rid themselves of those boorish men who forced themselves on women and children, perhaps the media could focus on those righteous members of Congress who have secured their jobs by selling their souls to corporate America — a form of prostitution, I believe, and therefore, a crime. Perhaps if those elected officials could be forced to resign, the Capitol would be left with mostly empty chambers, but a few honest politicians. Then the people could elect candidates who would work for the good of the country, rather than big business. (Dream on, my friend.)

William Morrison

North Chatham