No quieting outcry over new school start times

Walsh, Chang need to pull plug on this ill-advised plan

It becomes clearer with every passing day that Mayor Walsh and Superintendent Tommy Chang seem to have been using the extremely laudable goal of pushing back start times for high schoolers as cover to reduce transportation costs (“Civil rights groups hit school start plan,” Metro, Dec. 15), and that they decided to do so on the backpacks of 4- and 5-year-olds, many of whose families have little choice but to accept it.

Under the new plan, five times as many schools in the Boston Public Schools system would have 7:15 a.m. start times, and of those roughly 30 schools, many would now have 1:15 p.m. dismissal times. This is an insane result from a process that was supposedly about creating later start times.


Walsh and Chang need to own up to this disaster and put an immediate halt to it.

Erik Gehring


The writer has two children at the Patrick Lyndon School in West Roxbury.

This is a good argument for an elected school committee

I hope the citizens of Boston who went before the Boston School Committee last week noticed that members of the Boston City Council seemed to understand the problem of sending young children to school in the dark and spoke on their behalf. The City Council is elected by these very people. On the other hand, the School Committee in Boston is appointed by the mayor. The committee members just rubber-stamp whatever he or the superintendent want.

No elected school committee would disrupt the lives of its constituents this way. I hope, if nothing else, that Boston residents take back their right to an elected school committee.

Joan D Sheridan