Allston development plan needs West Station rail link

West Station is key to Boston’s next great neighborhood” (Editorial, Dec. 26) hit the nail on the head. In the 21st century, any large-scale development needs to include multi-modal transportation. Access to a range of transportation options is essential. Building West Station in Allston is not a question of convenience, but one of economic equity, which leads to better health throughout the life span. The Healthy Community Champions (HCCs), from the Allston-Brighton Community Development Corporation and other neighborhoods, support the development of West Station because they know that residents of Allston need to be able to get into downtown Boston and out to suburbs where there are jobs and other opportunities, just as those from other parts of Greater Boston will need better access to Allston and all the opportunities that an extended Harvard campus and a new neighborhood will offer. To only consider automobile and bus transit, and not include rail, is a plan from 1960, not 2017.

David Aronstein


The writer is director of the Boston Alliance for Community Health.