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    An addition to the field guide to winter drivers: the Goody-goody

    I would like to add an entry to Nestor Ramos’s taxonomy of Boston-area winter drivers (“A field guide to the winter drivers of Boston,” Page A1, Dec. 28): the Goody-goody. This type of driver is overly polite, to the point of dangerously making up his or her own traffic rules, in deference to other cars that do not have the right of way.

    It’s bad enough when, in the warmer seasons, the car in front of you stops unexpectedly to allow a motorist on a side street, waiting at a stop sign, to enter the suddenly stopped flow of traffic. But in winter, when there is ice on the road, this driver is practically begging to be rear-ended — unfortunately, by you, as you slam on the brakes but go sliding into his bumper.

    Jeffrey Harrison