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    Boston’s byways could use more ‘Goody-goody’ drivers

    I need to respond to the letter from Jeffrey Harrison, “An addition to the field guide to winter drivers: the Goody-goody” (Dec. 29), who wrote in response to Nestor Ramos’s “A field guide to the winter drivers of Boston.” The species of motorist Harrison offers, and bemoans, is the one who will give a fellow motorist a break (and a brake).

    We’ve all been there — we’re trying to merge into traffic, and there is no opening until some “Goody-goody” stops to let us in. Well, Harrison finds this annoying, and says that he has to “slam on the brakes.” If one were not following so closely and were paying attention, there would be no need to slam on the brakes.

    With this in mind, I would like to add another listing to Ramos’s “field guide”: the Graduate of the Ayn Rand School of Driving: selfish and lacking compassion for others.

    Al Maze