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    Shake-up in store for Mass. alcohol laws

    The following is an edited sample of online comments posted in response to Dan Adams’s Dec. 28 article about a proposed overhaul of Massachusetts alcohol regulations:

    It drives me bonkers that grocery stores in every other state I’ve visited can sell beer and wine. What’s wrong with Mass. residents? Can’t we be trusted to buy wine while food shopping? (Hanscome) . . .

    For someone who is a recovering alcoholic, I like being able to go into a grocery store and not see booze for sale. I think it’s a small sacrifice for you and others to go next door and purchase your alcohol. (jmconly) . . .

    The state trying to fix a hodgepodge of laws by adding more laws and regulations — that’s what they do. Oh, and raise the fines to boot. Oh my. (Banned Porte) . . .


    Exactly. “The task force would also outlaw loyalty cards and other discount programs for consumers, saying they tend to increase alcohol consumption.” Ah yes, because saving $3 on a 12-pack of beer instantly makes me want to buy and consume more beer. [They’re] creating more nanny-state regulations in an attempt to suck more money into state government. (bos-guy22) . . .

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    Looks like NH state liquor store will win again! (jhaepers)