The return of fallout shelters? Is this the best we can do?

Instead of spending $200,000 or more on a fallout shelter in the faint hope of protecting yourself against a nuclear attack (“Amid tensions, fallout shelters get another look,” Page A1, Dec. 26), it would be better to work to prevent nuclear war in the first place.

Donate to one of the nonprofits with this mission. Support Senator Ed Markey’s bill that would require congressional authorization before nuclear weapons could be used, except in response to a nuclear attack. Push the government to use negotiations, not just sanctions, to restrain North Korea’s nuclear program. Support the idea of an Olympic Truce, in which the United States would not engage in military exercises on the Korean peninsula, and North Korea would not test missiles or warheads, during the time of the Olympics in South Korea this winter.

We’re more likely to survive if we work together to avoid war than if we each build our own fallout shelter.

Ken Olum