It’s the postseason — heck, why not turn up the heat under the Patriots

Team, at a crossroad, needs to start thinking about its future

Countless New England Patriots fans have tried to ignore the reports of a rift among Robert Kraft, Bill Belichick, and Tom Brady. In light of the team’s unparalleled success and the opportunity for another Super Bowl victory, Patriots nation declares, “Say it ain’t so,” to allegations of discord in the team hierarchy.

There is no means for the public to confirm whether any of the rumors have validity. However, questions persist regarding the garage sale value received for Jimmy Garoppolo. Eyebrows have always been raised when Brady remains in games in the final minutes of lopsided victories. Brady, the best quarterback of all time, insists that he can play until he is 45, but this may be fantasy, and it ignores the realistic expectations of longevity shown by David Ortiz and Derek Jeter. Those baseball greats acknowledged that father time affects all athletes and that planning was required for the organization.

Who knows whether Kraft or Belichick believes Brady’s confident claim of longevity. The fact is, the Big Three are at a crossroad. Compromise is essential for the most successful sports franchise in recent years to stay intact. We have all enjoyed a great run with the Patriots. However, remember that 20 years ago, after a Super Bowl appearance, another coaching legend, Bill Parcells, left the team after stating, “If they want you to cook the dinner, at least they ought to let you shop for some of the groceries.”


Sounds like the Big Three need to start pushing the same shopping cart if they want to continue serving gourmet dinners to Patriots nation.

Steve Kramer


Focus on football, not mudslinging

Can we just enjoy the postseason? Must sports media — print, radio, and television — act like Hollywood, constantly fueling controversy through the focus of their reporting? I am tired of the rants about Alex Guerrero, Tom Brady, and Bill Belichick, and about the intrigue over Jimmy Garoppolo, Brady, Belichick, and Robert Kraft. I respect that the principals in these stories have not participated in the mudslinging and instead are focused on football. It would be nice if the media would focus on the sport and not the theatrics.


Football is about competition, entertainment, and regional pride. Let’s refocus on what is important: winning another Super Bowl. Go Patriots!

Stephen Fitch

Putney, Vt.