Mass. needs a vision for Allston project that eyes regional transit

Re “Harvard, save West Station” by Dante Ramos (Opinion, Jan. 18): Since Harvard University will be the primary beneficiary of the transit-oriented development unlocked with the I-90 Allston realignment, it’s all well and good to call on one of the wealthiest institutions in the world to foot the bill in funding the construction of a new transit station as the first phase of the project, and thanks to state Representative Michael Moran for doing so.

However, the state Department of Transportation and the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority will still have to step up and provide effective service to make West Station a success. This includes not just another commuter rail stop on the Worcester/Framingham line, but a West Station that’s a bus transfer connection between Cambridge and the Longwood Medical Area and that sets the stage for eventual Grand Junction service to Kendall Square and to trains on the northern tracks.

MassDOT needs to own up to the fact that the current auto-only proposal fails to add capacity for the trains and buses necessary to move people through this area in 2018, let alone 2040, and finding funding for West Station is only half of the argument for fixing our log-jammed transportation system. When we’re discussing an investment of more than $1 billion, serious consideration must be made to improve regional transit services for the benefit of the Commonwealth.

Galen Mook


The writer is a member of the I-90 Allston Interchange Task Force.