The US is forgoing a powerful weapon in the war on opiates

Re “How to fight the opioid epidemic” by Raymond V. Tamasi (Opinion, Jan. 22): Once, in Europe, there was the Hundred Years’ War. It ended. Next year may well be the centennial of our war on opiates. When the Globe gives space to a specialist in the treatment field who says that buprenorphine, vivitrol, and methadone “are all we have” to “combat” this addiction, I guess we might be in for another century.

He is technically right in that they are the only treatments available in the United States. He is wrong, however, in the bigger picture. Canada and Mexico are among the countries that allow addicts to take ibogaine, which can eliminate withdrawal symptoms in one dose. Ibogaine’s problem here is that it is lumped in with psychedelics. It is clear that the war on hallucinogens takes precedence over the war on opiates.

Ian Maxwell MacKinnon