Pressley needs to detail her policies if she’s to top Capuano

As a resident of the Seventh Congressional District, I was distinctly unimpressed by Boston City Councilor Ayanna Pressley’s announcement that she would run against US Representative Michael Capuano (“Pressley to challenge Capuano in 7th District,” Page A, Jan. 31). Offering “a different lens and a new approach” is all very well, but what specifically are her policies? Congressman Capuano has done a very good job in representing this district, so I don’t assume that something that is “different” in an unspecified way is necessarily going to be an improvement, or even as good.

If Pressley wants the voters of this district to forgo Capuano’s seniority, then she had better make it clear why we should favor her policies over Capuano’s established voting record. And she has to start by telling us, in detail, what those policies are.

Kathleen Martin