The T has a crowding crisis on its hands

BOSTON, MA - 1/25/2018: The Orange Line morning commute on the MBTA heading inbound. (David L Ryan/Globe Staff ) SECTION: METRO TOPIC 26crowding
David L. Ryan/Globe Staff
The Orange Line morning commute.

Development boom puts T riders on track for more overcrowding

Re “T riders say rush hour is now the crush hour” (Page A1, Jan. 31): Your report on subway overcrowding was not news to me, a daily commuter from Jamaica Plain to Back Bay. The development in my neighborhood is exploding, so the situation will likely be getting worse. The Silver Line could have relieved more of the stress on the subway, but it goes only to Dudley Square, not all the way down Washington Street to Forest Hills, as did the old Orange Line, which it belatedly replaced.

Also, I have yet to see or hear any discussion of the potential impact that the new casino in Everett will have on the Orange Line. The new Orange Line station at Assembly is across the narrow Mystic River from it. If someone should build a footbridge or other connection from the station across that river, then the Orange Line will be at overcapacity at all hours.

Tim Kozlowski

Jamaica Plain

T should start a ‘Take Off Your Pack, Jack’ campaign

What no-cost move would make rush hour on the MBTA more bearable? If people would just take off their backpacks and put them between their feet. At rush hour on Thursday, all of the people I saw standing had backpacks on. That’s crazy. I’ve been on a lonely campaign to get the T to announce this at rush hour, but the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority is not listening to me. A few years back, the T started making announcements to let passengers off before boarding. Seems obvious, no? But it wasn’t. That made a huge difference, as would a “Take Off Your Pack, Jack” campaign.

Jon Gersh